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Soft Skills training or Consultancy, we provide a large range of services that will suite your Business needs.

Itakane cc was established in 2007 and is a Multi-facetted BBBEE Service Provider geared to support businesses in the greater Cape Town and surrounding areas.

From  Business consultancy, to Soft SkillsTraining, to supplying your Office Equipment needs, we are geared to take your call.

We will even capture your business presentations and special events on video and edit it for your convenient viewing.

Our Business Philosophy:
  • Through a Consultative approach, employers needs are analysed to gauge the skills gap
  • In the case where no training is required, we will asssist the organisation by further facilitating employee engagement processes, to determine if there are challenges
  • We undertake to do all training programmes, whether short courses or accredited courses, through outcomes based facilitation progammes
  • Itakane, through its wide network base, will source the appropriate training provider should we not be in a position to provide the appropriate training programmes
  • As we have qualified skills development facilitators, we are also fully equipped to compile your company's workplace skills plans
  • As a value-added service, we will monitor your training plans to ensure that you meet your compliance in terms of the Skills Development Act.
  • Any HR related questions or queries, our experienced and trained consultants are ready and able to assist
  • And while we are at it, Itakane can also take care of all your stationery needs. Due to our wide network of suppliers we can ensure you receive the best prices for your office equipment

So don't hesitate. Give our office a call and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how we can meet your needs!!!


Our Head Office:

The Business Centre                                                                           No.1 Bridgeway Road                                                            Century City   7441                                                                                                  


EMAIL us at: info@itakanecc.co.za  or

CALL us on: +27 73-804 8984 or

FAX us on: 086-504 7040


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